Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I used to post long involved stories about amusing things that happened to me when I was younger. These days all I seem to have time for is "Hey, here are three weird things that my daughter barfed up."

Barf is funny.

You know what else is funny? Butts. Butts are funny. So when I saw the headline on the left of this magazine cover, I was amused.

I'd LOVE to remodel my butt! I'm thinking something hairless, maybe in a tan color. Also, as long as I'm remodeling, might as well build a half-bath in there. I'd save a TON of time if I had a toilet built right into my ass.

Thank goodness for magazines like this. Journalism is alive and well in America. See their article next month on how lobotomies save pounds!

(Update: I suck at including pictures in my blog!)


Leesa said...

A toilet built right into your ass...that is great! Boy that would sure help with those long vacation drives. Do you think jeans would then come out with those "open doors" in the back like the old red long underwear used to have??

Mike said...

There's no need for the "open door". You merely flush away your "output". There may be issues with sewage pipes and what not, but I'm not really a details guy. I'm the big idea guy.

Jodi said...

from barf to butts being funny...hmm

Mike said...

Jodi, are you saying that barf and butts aren't on the humor spectrum? Or just that I'm crass? I'll buy the latter.