Thursday, May 04, 2017

I had two mega interviews this week, one with BoringCo, and one with EvilCo.

The five hours BoringCo interview was fine. One might even describe it as boring. The only surprising part was at lunch when the recruiter handed me a boxed lunch and then shut me inside a small conference room by myself to eat it.

"Don't worry that we're running late," he reassured me, "I delayed your next interview for five minutes! He smiled and then left, shutting the door behind him.

Ok, one strike against the friendly culture at BoringCo! Overall, though, the interview went well. I might actually be hitting my stride at interviewing for management jobs.

Earlier in the week I interviewed at EvilCo. That one was a tougher interview, including multiple technical sessions, and lasting a full seven hours. The best part of that one was today, days later, when the recruiter called to debrief me on the results. He explained that, overall, the team liked me. Although they thought that a different position in the company might be a more appropriate fit, everyone agreed that I had good ethics!

What exactly does it mean when EvilCo says that you have good ethics? I honestly do not know whether or not to take this as a complement. #teamSatan


tinyhands said...

My company isn't exactly boring or evil, but they're also not not those things. They just announced a new marketing campaign: We're feral.

I might have misheard it.

Mike said...

I can't even imagine what reasonable campaign sounds like "We're feral."