Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Today was unemploymently amazing.

First I set up a meeting with some dude who undoubtedly reached me by doing a search on LinkedIn for anyone who had "consultant" in their profile, and then spamming them all. I'm pretty sure he's trying to enlist me to sell his services to all my "clients". Given that I hadn't responded to any spammers all week, I was due. Can't wait to chat with the guy! I am accepting all meetings!

Next I headed down to the Four Seasons to meet with a billionaire venture capitalist. Seemed like the logical thing to do after responding to spam. He laid out his 30-year plan to fix capitalism while I interjected with my folksy charm and self-deprecating humor. I used all my standard interview chuckle-getters. They thudded chucklessly. However, when I told him about my personal project to write the world's best baseball betting program, his eyes lit up. I think I passed that round of interviews.

I literally had to pause when leaving the Four Seasons so that I didn't unintentionally skip with delight.

The day was rounded out by a company founder reaching out to me, saying that they saw my profile online and the part about wanting to work in a warm and collaborative environment really resonated with him. We're chatting later this week.

I need to keep all these warm-fuzzies in mind tomorrow when I'm sitting in a 7-hour interview, talking to 16 separate engineers and managers.

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