Saturday, April 29, 2017

Although I'm dreading the formal interviews I have coming up next week (6 hours EvilCo interview and a 5 hour MarketingBlahblahAnalyticsCo interview) in general the process of looking for jobs has been delightful. I did not expect that to be true.

Mostly what I'm doing is talking to people. I'm talking to everyone who is willing to talk to me about their jobs or projects, and everyone who has requested some of my time.

Friend of a friend who works on his startup during nights and weekends? Sure, let's see if there's a way to work together!

Old friend from high school who popped up on Facebook asking for time to discuss the politics app he wants built? Yes, let's talk through it for an hour!

Random dude on a website for startups who spammed everyone that had "CTO" in their job history? Not only will I meet with you, but I'll give you an afternoon and hack on some code with you!

I am taking all meetings. If you're a Nigerian prince with some fund transfer issues, this is probably the time to reach out to me.


Lexi said...

Good luck next week. I'm sure you'll be fine(unless someone from EvilCo happens upon this post and sees through the alias...)

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