Sunday, April 16, 2017

Holy cow, I am not good at interviewing. Literally every single interview or phone screen I've had so far has had some sort of awkward Mike Moment (tm).

Did actually I tell marketing company X that their website was, "dense with buzzwords"? When they gave me a polite out by saying, "Oh, really? Well, yes, it used to be confusing, but have you seen it recently?", did I really confirm my idiocy by saying, "Uh, yeah, yesterday"?

When the Engineering Director at Evil Corp described a poorly managed product with an anecdote that included this line, "...So then they re-evaluated the schedule and said they could deliver it by New Years......... Chinese New Years..." did I actually stop him in mid-lecture and ask if that story always included that pause and punchline?

Did I actually tell the CEO from last week that if they hired me, I was going to be their laziest employee?

I did, I did, I did!

Of course once in a while, I nailed the interview. When a recruiter was interviewing me to manage a data science organization, he repeatedly asked me if I was "passionate" about machine learning. I fought every snarky instinct that ultimately defines me, and actually managed to puke out the sentence, "Yes, I am passionate about machine learning."

And one recruiter, after reviewing my resume and apparently seeing that my last job was, uh, brief, referred to my time doing "antics with startups". I laughed out loud on the call, repeating the word "antics" to myself.  The recruiter was aghast and instantly apologized for referring to my experience so flippantly. I assured him that it was ok, that normally it was me saying offensive things in these calls.

So, yeah, the job hunting is going well.

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