Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I watched Mythbusters with Daisy tonight.

One of the featured myths involved trying to shatter glass with a sonic boom. Mythbuster host Adam got to test this myth by flying at supersonic speeds in a Blue Angels jet to create the sonic boom. Meanwhile, the other hosts tested gun shooting stunts seen in the movie "Wanted", trying to duplicate tricks where the shooter gets a bullet to follow a curved path.

Aside from a preparatory step, where the hosts cleaned the rust off an old tool, the episode was jam packed with a variety of super cool gun tricks and jet fighter stunts. I was very entertained!

"Oh man," said Daisy in apparent awe, "I'd love to clean the rust off something."

(Spoiler alert: Although sonic booms didn't break glass, and curving a bullet's trajectory is unlikely, rust can indeed be removed. Daisy was very pleased.)


lostworld said...

Win-win situation for you Mike;)

Anonymous said...

Can I bring over the blades from my lawnmower?

Sue said...

Love that show. Don't you wish you had that job?

Mike said...

Lostworld, I suppose so, although if Daisy could curve bullets that would probably be a more marketable skill than rust removal.

Bones, no.

Sue, yes! One of the joys of that show is watching the frequent "I can't believe I get paid for this" expressions on their faces.

Ms.PhD said...

yay for rust removal. fun with chemistry! instantaneous, visible results, and, not eardrum-busting!