Monday, February 16, 2009

One of the great parenting aids I have access to is our local neighborhood parents email list. Every day you can find messages from parents offering something or looking for something. I have utilized this list multiples times in the past for information at least one of the following topics:

1) How do you remove bullets from a sleeping child?

2) Where's a good place to go for swim lessons?

3) Is JOGGING with scissors ok?

And answers magically appear within minutes. God bless the Internet. And the children.

Anyway, an invitation came through the email list a couple weeks ago inviting girls to join a book club that was looking for new members. I snickered at the offer just long enough to realize, "Jesus, Daisy would love this kind of crap."

Sure enough, Daisy was delighted by the idea, so yesterday she went to her very first book club meeting, where about ten 9 year-old girls sat around drinking tea, discussing the book of the month, and giggling about things that are definitively unfunny.

Don't get me wrong, I love books. I was a voracious reader as a kid, and although I spend less time reading these days, I still cherish my moments with a good book, of which there are several on my night table at all times. It just never occurred to me to sit around with a bunch of other people discussing the books. "So, uh, Clyde, did you like the part where they slingshotted around the sun to go back in time to shoot the aliens in the nuts? ME TOO!"

I know several adult women who belong to book clubs, but I figured it was really just an excuse to sit around and drink wine. I'm pretty sure the 9 year-olds were just drinking tea, albeit tea with a lot of sugar in it. So, is this a gender thing?

Or is it a pretentious San Francisco thing? And, can I start a Battlestar Galactica club? That's what I really need to discuss. Bafflestar Galactica.


Prosy said...

As a woman, and a big reader, I have never, never wanted to sit around with other women and talk about what I just read. I am one of those people who really only cares about my own opinions. However, I have *almost* joined book clubs before, mainly for the snacks and drinks. So yes, I think it is just an excuse to get together and hang out, I would never want to belong to a club that insisted we actually discuss the book.

meg said...

Never been a book clubber (always had too many kids to drag around), but I DO recall many late night phone calls listening to some guy go on and on about Stephen King or Ray Bradbury or a explaining a Far Side Cartoon I hadn't seen.

Then I got to the BSG part... I hope you're not joking. I am that nerdy. My oldest daughter and I are addicted like heroin. I gasped when Boomer was first a GIRL and then a CYLON! Did you watch "Catch the Frack Up?" on iTunes webisodes? We giggled over that more than we should have. And sucked a few more High School Senior girls into BSG since they were spending the night when we watched it.

I'm hoping for the first three seasons on DVD for my birthday... sad huh. I can talk BSG anytime... Just finished the whole Ender/Bean series'-- Em and I geek out all the time, poor Mr Big isn't into it so maybe he'd like a good book club? He does drink wine.

yajeev said...

I would totally join a LOST club.

yajeev said...

or a mike's blog club.

meg said...

Almost up to date on BSG. Bafflestar indeed. Really Dee? Really Ellen? I'm Officially Baffled.

Mike said...

Prosy, I guess that's a pretty common sentiment, and unsurprisingly, there aren't any repercussions if you show up at the kid book club unprepared.

Meg, yeah the story gets a little convoluted on BSG. It's getting a tad too dense for the level of interest I see to have. That being said, I'm enjoying it very much. 4 episodes left!

Yajeev, ooh, a Lost club would be good, although I've only watched 2 seasons so far. I'll be in the remedial version of the club.

Sue said...

Been there. It's definitely about the wine and snacks.

meg said...

I thought that was why god made Bunco? Do they not have that in SF?

Em and I have decided that the Lost crew is going to meet up with BSG this season. THEN all will be revealed... I did get seasons 1 and 3 of BSG so we can geek out a little...

Mike said...

Sue, ok, next time I'll give Daisy a breathalyzer test afterwards.

Meg, ooooh, I like the Lost + BSG theory. If those shows were on the same network, I'd bet money on your theory.

Brett said...

Great post.

Mike said...

Thanks, Brett!