Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm still here, assuming that if by "here" we both mean frantically working and trying to keep up with life and not really having any time to blog here. That kind of "here".

I've got a bunch of balls in the air at work to get ready for our new product launch. It's a lot like juggling, except in normal juggling you throw a ball and it lands nearby in a second or two. When you're juggling tasks that involve hundreds of millions of urls, sometimes you throw a ball and you hope it lands this month. You're thinking "I'm going to need this ball coming down over here in a couple weeks, I guess I should throw it now."

This is kind of similar to the challenges of timing everything right when you're preparing a meal. Maybe the veggie, the pasta, and the sauce all take differing amounts of time, so you've got to think it through carefully to make sure that everything is ready at the same time and on time. My job duties are like that at the moment, except that the veggies take 5 days to cook, the pasta is ready in 45 minutes, and the sauce is supposed to simmer for 3 weeks but you can't get the lid off the jar.

Also, if you screw up cooking, well maybe your broccoli is cold. Screw up the job? Ugh, let's not think about that.

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