Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Me: Hi blog!

Me: I said, "Hi blog!"

Me: Oh, goddamn it, you're ignoring me, aren't you?

Me: Ha ha. I get it. I've been ignoring you for weeks and now you're ignoring me. Very mature. Well, I'm just going to talk, and you don't have to say anything:

Me: Ok, well, anyway, things are still really busy. Work has been asskicky. We're launching our new website in less than a week, come hell or high water or even if Hell totally floods. We're at the phase where we're no longer even trying to fix the big problems, we're just busily sweeping crumbs under the carpet. It's gonna be a crunchy goddamn trip across that carpet though.

Meanwhile, Hank's plate has been totally full with the school auction and that was before yesterday, when her boss gave her the biggest project of her life. She's basically working multiple full time jobs at this point, one with unpaid overtime and the other that doesn't pay at all. So, that's pretty sweet.

And there's this little girl running around our house, who looks totally familiar, but I'm not exactly sure who she is. Cute little bugger though.

On a positive note, after several months of doing zero exercise, and pounding some mysterious drug called glucosamine, I've started running again. I've logged a few short runs (3-5 miles) and this weekend I ran 8 miles, which totally astonished me. I don't know if my knee just needed some rest or if it'll start giving me problems as soon as I increase the mileage, but I'm delighted that I was able to run 8 miles and not limp around afterwards.

You know it's been a crappy few weeks when the highlight was an 8 mile run.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing.

Blog: Big deal. Screw you.
Me: Nice.


The 4th Sister said...

You're always good for a chuckle...or a smirk....

Sue said...

8 miles is about 7 more than I can do right now - so congrats. so hard to run in the winter....

Mike said...

4th Sis, chuckles are good, but I'll take smirks too. Thanks!

Sue, I remember when you were logging some longer miles. Winter got you down?