Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Here's a post that was 2 years in the making.

Although I'm generally a gambling and prognosticating man, I don't try to predict elections. As it turns out, my political preferences don't closely match those of the American majority, so I don't even bother trying to figure out what America wants.

Two years ago though, I learned enough about a certain man to predict that he would become our next president. And...

As Pablo said today, "What's that smell? Ahhhh, it's that new president smell. Mmmmmmm."


meg s. said...

I recall this feeling with Clinton, and he broke my heart. Well, hope springs eternal. You need to contact The Amazing Randi (http://www.randi.org) and gather your million dollars my friend!

Boo for 8 though :( SF must be a mess today.

Mike said...

Yeah, you're right about Clinton. The optimism he inspired rivaled the Obamian hope, but he was a disappointment (although I'd argue a fairly successful presidency all things considered).

The prop 8 result is horrifying though. I simply can't understand why so many of my fellow Californians hate gay people.

JeffGtr said...

Mike said "I simply can't understand why so many of my fellow Californians hate gay people."

I think it's much more commonly fear than hate. And I've never understood that fear. Fear of being 'turned gay?' Are they so unsure of their sexual preference? I wouldn't tongue-kiss you for thousand dollars; and I like you (as a friend, that is).

Mike said...

Jeff, really? Not for $1,000? I'd probably kiss Osama Bin Laden for $1,000.