Sunday, May 04, 2008

When Monday mornings roll around, I kick the wife and the kid out the door, I sit my candy ass down into my "office" chair and I make my "Monday morning" noise. It sounds like this:


That's because Mondays mean that I get to spend nearly 8 consecutive hours sitting on my butt. This activity is in stark contrast to how I often spend my weekends, which sadly, generally consist of keeping my butt in the air. My butt HATES the air.

On Saturday morning, for example, I ran about 16 miles, which is further than I've run in 3 years. Then I walked around the neighborhood with the kid, handling various errands. Afterwards, she wanted to go on a bike ride, and due to logistical difficulties, this basically required me to roller-blade alongside her for about 5 miles. I finished up Saturday, with an exciting evening trip to the damn supermarket.

Today, I took Daisy, along with another 8 year-old girl, to the Maker Faire. It's a great event (although REALLY crowded this year), but limiting yourself to the booths that 8 year-olds find exciting is probably not the most satisfying way to experience it. More to the point, wandering around an event center for 6 hours makes for another tiring day.

I know, bitch bitch bitch, poor Mike was forced to go jogging one day and then was dragged to the pinnacle of fun geek events, but it really was a tiring weekend!

I can't wait for tomorrow's "ahhhhhh". TGIM, baby.


Will said...

Too bad you're probably never going to run for the PTA presidency. Direct quote: "When Monday mornings roll around I kick the wike and the kid..."

Sue said...

My hubby and daughter went to the Maker Faire too - they had a blast. I bet they passed you guys!

Mike said...

Will, I'm pretty sure that any number of previous unsavory actions and conversations had already removed me from consideration for any position of leadership.

Sue, probably. I did end up seeing a bunch of people I knew though. Geek Mecca.

Avery Gray said...

And was your Monday everything you dreamed it would be?

Mike said...

It was asstastic. Thanks for assking.

Ms.PhD said...

that's a whole new take on Mondays I never really considered.

today I am finding myself oddly fidgety and not really wanting to be stapled to my chair like I've been lately.

I'm sure this too shall pass, probably just in time for me to start having to run around a lot again during the day.

Mike said...

Miss PhD, sounds like someone needs to take up jogging. Hmmmm?