Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On Sunday morning, as we slowly stirred awake, my wife turned to me and romantically said, "I smell something burning."

Sadly, she was not referring to her loins, or my loins, or some hot chick's loins that she might have stashed in the closet for a surprise Sunday Brunch threesome. No, she just smelled something in the house that was burning. Awesome.

After a few panicked minutes of running around and checking all our laptop batteries, I eventually figured out that it was our furnace. It had burned out somehow. Awesome.

Ok, I'm being sarcastic with all the "awesome" comments. Do you know what really is awesome though? The furnace is going to be broken for a few more days while the repairman gets the necessary parts, so today when the weather cooled, I made fire appear!

I didn't just make fire, I made fire from logs that I saved from when I removed nearly every bit of plant life from our backyard last year. I had squirreled away the logs that were too big to fit into my little chipper for just such an occasion. SO I MADE FIRE WITH LOGS THAT I HAD SAWED FROM REAL PLANTS. I AM HEATING MY HOME WITH THE FRUITS OF MY LAND-TENDING!

Goddamn, pinch me. I am all man.


Sue said...

You Da Man! I bet your wife couldn't resist you that day.

Mike said...

You'd be surprised. Her ability to resist me is pretty well-honed at this point.

Avery Gray said...

Hehe... You had wood.

Mike said...

And I still do!

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