Sunday, March 02, 2008

So tired today.

Daisy had a sleepover last night. I don't recall doing many (if any) sleepovers when I was her age, so I didn't go into this parenting thing with the understanding that sleepovers are ironically named. They aren't sleepovers at all. They're wake-overs. Pee-on-the-floor-overs. Can't-fall-asleep-overs. Vomit-in-your-sleeping-bag-overs. Get-up-early-overs.

Mostly they're Keep-Mike-Up-overs. That's why I spent much of today in a sleep-deprivation fog, wondering what the hell I was doing. I sat in the driver's seat of the car, sans car key, wondering what was missing (answer: keys!). I cracked myself up contemplating many possible blog posts, none of which was remotely amusing (answer: this one!). I wandered into rooms and then forgot why (answer: beats me).

Anyway, I'm off to... uh... Crap. I don't know. I hope it involves TV.


Sue said...

My sleepover party tips: lights out at 10:00pm. No flashlights allowed. Play gentle, relaxing music. If kids are noisy after 11:00pm, separate them into different rooms. Give FIRM guidelines as to acceptable wake-up times.

But the best bit of advice is: Avoid sleepovers if at all possible.

yajeev said...

My dad couldn't handle the sleep over party. I can't remember a sleep over party at our house when I was growing up that didn't end with all the kids being separated at some point in the middle of the night. There ended up being a kid in every room of the house...there was a kid in the kitchen, a kid in the laundry room, a kid in the utility room, kids in the bathrooms, and I was the lucky one who got to spend the remainder of the evening in my parents' bedroom. how fun.

kudos on surviving your first.

Mike said...

Hi Sue. Those are all good tips, and if my problem was about kids being deliberately noisy, I'd implement your solutions. My problem is just that I'm a light sleeper, so if some kid (or a bunch of kids) get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (WHICH ALWAYS HAPPENS), then I'm up for a while. And when the kids get up early, even if they're quiet, it still wakes me up. Plus, I'm just generally on edge when we have extra kids in the house. The half cup of coffee I had on Sat night didn't help either. :(

Yajeev, my first? It was my 10th. They don't get any easier.

carey said...

Girls' sleepovers in my day usually consisted of 1 or 2 girls being mercilessly teased by the others until they ended up barricading themselves in the closet.

Sigh. Good times.

Avery Gray said...

There is nothing to be done, unfortunately. Once you've let them in your house, it's all over.

My sympathies. Hope you got some good sleep last night.

Mike said...

Carey, that sounds terrible. What is the matter with you females? Thankfully most of Daisy's sleepover involve just one or two other kids.

Avery, thanks. Yeah, I slept like the proverbial rock on Sunday, whatever the hell that means.

Moley-Bloke said...

Tequila+Beer+Earplugs+Sign-on-door-saying, 'Bug me and die dwarfling'... Worked on my stepdaughter... :) Bad DAD!!

Mike said...

Moley Bloke, that's not a bad system, although I reserve the right to swap out tequila for something tastier.