Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I had a pre-pre job interview today. Although my current job pays well, and my business suit consists of slippers and a bathrobe, recent activities at my company have convinced me that my days are numbered. I figure I have about a year before they replace me with a couple of college grads in Bangalore. Maybe two years. Maybe a lot less.

My buddy Jay has been working with a guy who is building a new sports website and will soon need to hire a company full of people (assuming he can find some funding). Jay typically runs in pretty hip circles and doesn't know very many sports fans, so given my history with baseball software, he naturally thought of me.

Today, the three of us had lunch, and it went ok. The odds that the entrepreneur can get funding, AND would want to hire me, AND could pay me what I need are pretty slim, but at the very least I got a tasty burger out of the process. I gotta tell you, going from insanely-dry business process management software to working on a sports website would be a kick (the good kind, not the in-the-teeth kind). I haven't had a job I could explain to my mother since I worked at a one-hour photo shop in college.

I'm not going to hold my breath on this opportunity, but I'm definitely going to keep looking. Changing jobs fits in pretty well with my whole midlife-crisis thing.


chess h said...

Mike, is he accepting resumes from washed-up, mostly-jaded, weary-of-the-defense-industry types? I have this friend, see... ;)

Sue said...

I can never explain or understand what my hubby does either. "Something with computers...web sites...the skeletons of ecommerce websites..." is about the best I can do. He is also regularly looking for a new job - lots of lunches, coffees and drinks with people. Not because his job is going away, but because his whole life is putting out other people's fires (plus doing his own job, of course).

Avery Gray said...

That job sounds perfect for you! Would you have to wear pants?

Mike said...

Chess, washed-up?! You're younger than me, right?

Sue, maybe your husband and I work for the CIA and we're sworn to secrecy. That would explain a lot of the confusion, eh?

Avery, pants?!?!?! Aaaaaaaaaah! That would be a deal-breaker.

yajeev said...

mike, i feel your pain.

the only one who seems to understand what i do is my dog (at least he doesn't ask any questions).

the rest of my family, friends, and co-workers can't seem to understand how or why i use bakers yeast as a genetic and bicochemical model system to study type II diabetes.

Mike said...

Yajeev, but that's a pretty good description of what you do. It's clear and one sentence long. My one sentence version would be "I write business software."