Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Normally when we travel to Boonies, Vermont we do so by flying from San Francisco to New York, changing planes, and then taking another flight to Burlington, Vermont. Then we drive for about 90 minutes to ensure that we're nowhere near civilization.

This year, however, we made our travel plans a little late so no good flights were available. Instead, we booked a flight to Boston and planned on driving the remaining 200+ miles. It wasn't a bad plan, but it wasn't great either. The problem was that it had been snowing pretty steadily for a while by the time we landed in Boston last Thursday evening. Being a San Francisco resident, I can parallel park my stick shift car on a steep hill, but don't ask me to drive in the snow.

Of course I was asked to drive in the snow.

I spent the next 4+ hours staring intently at the slim tire tracks worn in the snow by previous drivers. Those were my lifelines. I don't think I blinked for the entire trip. Whenever I veered from the tracks, we slipped and slid until I jiggled the car back into position. Every once in a while, I'd catch sight of a car on the side of road that had slid its way into an embankment.

Somehow we made it to Vermont without incurring excessive deathiness. I credit luck.

By the next morning it had stopped snowing and it didn't snow again the entire week while we were here. Tomorrow morning we drive back to Boston for our flight home. The forecast is for more snow.

Very funny, Mother Nature.



newnorth said...

just watch out for more 'coty boy traps.' They probably have a ton of them on the way back to the city!

newnorth said...

umm that was supposed to be city not coty. Why do they make these keys so close together!

Avery Gray said...

I just drove three hours in a blizzard on Christmas Day. I feel your pain. It's no picnic.

Hope you make it back safe and sound.

tinyhands said...

Inspired by your reference to 'boonies' I went over to google maps... several results for businesses. A search for 'BFE' is quite accurate though.

Mike said...

Newnorth, I knew what you meant, even if those keyboard designers are out to get you!

Avery, I made it! Alive even!

Tiny, it's possible that the town isn't actually named "Boonies". Might as well be though. Unpaved roads!!

missburrows said...

Boston is super fun to drive in when it is snowy! Those pot holes swallow cars!

Mike said...

Miss B, not only did I not see any pot holes, but the Big Dig is supposed to be complete in the next couple days!

zelda1 said...

You know, in the snow, it's not usually the out of towners who slide off the road but the regulars who get over confident. Glad you made down the road without any major events.

Mike said...

Zelda1, hey, you're posting again! Welcome back!