Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve is going to roll in quietly here.

Things used to get a little wilder back when I was youthful and excitable. I would feel cheated if the year's closure didn't climax with some sort of celebration.

Now? Eh.

Having a kid really put a damper on New Year's Eve for a while. I still had the itch to go to a party, but it wasn't feasible with a toddler in tow. This was back before she had refined her bartending skills, and finding a babysitter on New Year's Eve is no easy task around here. These days I can take or leave the NYE celebration.

Besides, New Year's Eve is, as my wife often refers to it, "amateur's night". It's when people who don't really know how to hold their liquor get all drunk and weepy and vomity. I don't mind the drunk part, but if you're the type of drinker who gets sad, pukey, or angry, how about finding a new way to celebrate? Knit in the new year, my dysfunctional friends!

So, tonight we've got a couple folks coming over for some pizza-making and champagne. I'd be surprised if any of them stuck around until midnight.

As for New Year's resolutions, let's first see how I did in 2007. This year my only resolution was to come up with a resolution for 2008. I am proud to announce that I achieved this goal about two hours ago. Hoo hoo!

It is with great pride that I announce my 2008 New Year's Resolution: I, Mike, do hereby resolve to be nicer in 2008.

Ta dah!

Note that because I am a man of moderation, I'm not going overboard on this concept. I'm not reaching for sainthood, nicest-guy-ever, or even "nice". I'm just going to try and be nicer than I was in 2007. That really won't be very hard.

Don't look for this blog to be filled with sunshine and blueberry pancakes either. That surely won't happen. If anything, this blog will get more vitriolic as bile will continue to seep out of my pores and will need SOMEWHERE to go. Outside of cyberspace, however, I'm gonna be nicer and crap.

Happy New Year's.


carey said...

I dunno; being "nicer" is kind of subjective. If you don't shoot the finger at another driver while you're verbally abusing them from your own car, does that count as being "nicer?" Will you be carrying around a log to keep track of your growing niceness?

Hah, good luck with that in 2008. You'll be bucking a national trend if you stick to it.

Mike said...

As it turns out, there are no units of measurement for niceness, and there's no absolute way to judge it. That being said, I'm sure that one year from today, I'll find a way to give my niceness a numerical score. I'm thinking 3.13

zelda1 said...

So, Happy New Year and I'm sure you will suceed with your resolution. As for me, I'm thinking my resolution will be to think more and talk less. Yeah, talk less.

Avery Gray said...

You need Shmesolutions. Check my blog and get in the know.

Happy New Year, Mike! Hope you and your family have a great one.

yajeev said...

is that 3.13 your niceness value now or where you want it to be this time next year?

i'd say that if you're at a 3.13 now, you should shoot to be at pi by 1/1/09.

Mike said...

Zelda, I'd never do a resolution like that. I love talking!

Avery, I don't need your resolution gimmicks, but I also wish you and your family a happy 2008.

Yajeev, you've spoiled my 1/1/2009 blog post! Shhhh!

missburrows said...

Sorry, all I heard was...blah, blah, blah...BLUEBERRY PANCAKES! blah, blah, blah.

Mike said...

Miss B, really? Blueberry pancakes are your thing, eh? Those are tasty, but I'd prefer a chocolate chip pancake.

Anonymous said...

I'm on board for blueberry pancakes.

Mike said...

Mox, the next time I host a blueberry pancake breakfast, you will be on the invite list.