Thursday, December 06, 2007

I haven't blogged much this week. I think I know why though.

I'm too old. I'm feeling so goddamn old these days. These kids and their blogs. GET YOUR BLOG OUT OF MY YARD!

First, there's my aching back. I've always known lots of people who had trouble with their back, but mine has always been rock solid. Any physical limitations that I had were invariably caused by my prematurely atrophied muscles (can muscles be atrophied if they never developed in the first place?), my lack of balance, or my overall lack of coordination. My back was NEVER the issue.

Until a couple weeks ago. Now it aches after I run, or after I sit too long, or after I use my beloved chipper. MY BELOVED CHIPPER! Jesus.

It's not just my back though. My hips have been achy for months and now my right shoulder feels kind of weird. What's up with all this? Am I disintegrating already?

People will tell you that age has nothing to do with your body though. It's in your soul. You can always be young at heart, they'll say.

They are absolutely right. You can be young at heart. I cannot though. I've been old at heart for as long as I can remember. I'm crotchety and curdmudgeony and if my soul isn't black, it's at least dark grey.

So, that's what's up with me.


Will said...

one word: tempurpedic

carey said...

You're in luck. It's always the crotchety people who live to be 100. As the saying goes, "The more I complain, the longer God lets me live."

Mike said...

Hey Will, although I took your excellent advice about Amazon Prime (I'm one-clicking with reckless abandon!), we purchased a new mattress 9 months ago, so I'm reluctant to buy another.

Carey, I'm not sure which way the cause and effect goes in that theory, but I guess it's good news.

Avery Gray said...

I don't know. It's happening to me, too. I blame the young kids with their rock-n-roll music.

dolface said...

I had the unpleasant experience of being told by my doctor that the reason my ribs aren't healing very fast is because of my age.


Mike said...

Hmmm, it appears to be afflicting a disproportionate percentage of the blogosphere. Well, whoever cures this first, please post a comment.