Thursday, November 08, 2007

Man, this cold sure is taking a long time to go away. I've gone through all the traditional stages: scratchy throat, lethargy, denial, snot sprayer, anger, whooping cough, and now the final stage: acceptance. I accept this cold. It's part of me now. It's how it will always be.

I will wake up each morning with my throat dry and sore. I will go to bed each night coughing myself to sleep. During the day I will manufacture nosefuls of chunky snot and I will medicate myself by looking at pictures of boobies on the Internet. It eases the pain.

I've had some form of chicken soup nearly every day for over a week now. It has probably been less effective than the booby pictures in restoring my health. People keep telling me that I should have taken Zycan or Airborne at the first symptom, but it's too late now. Thanks for that info! That's just as handy as when people tell me to watch my step after I trip over something. Advice like that is just one time-machine away from being useful rather than irritating.

So, what do I have to console myself with? My first blog award!

For those unfamiliar with the concept of blog awards, allow me to explain. Blogs, just like movies, dads, and mufflers, have awards. The most prestigious ones are the Weblog Awards and the Bloggies. Then, a scooch further down the prestigiousness scale would be the award that Avery Gray hands out. That's what I got.

Do I think this is just another way for Avery Gray to get herself a mention here on MY blog, visible to tens of people each day? No way. Her motives, like her virtue, are pure. Is this a back-handed attempt to mock me or my pectoral muscles again? Nope. This time, it's clearly adoration.

So, it is with great pride that I receive and display the first award ever given to I Am Prepared to Give Up at Any Time. (Thank god I didn't give up!)

I'd like to thank all the little people who made this possible, like Daisy. And of course I'd like to thank Avery, whose award shall be immortalized way down low in my sidebar. (Keep scrolling, babe.)


carey said...

Congratulations! Finally, the reward you so richly deserve. Where's your acceptance speech video?

Avery Gray said...

Hey, you deserve it!

(Is that a compliment or an insult?)

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I'm actually feeling tons better. I know you were concerned. ;o)

Ms.PhD said...

LOL as usual!

I hate being sick. I recommend yogi Breathe Easy tea. It's not too late for that one.

And yeah, this week's Heroes episode had me coveting the ability to turn back time, until I realized I would probably just get stuck in an infinite mulligan loop if I had my way.

Probably better to just suck it up and keep going forward, eh?

The 4th Sister said...

It is a good one for you...I loved seeing it there....

newnorth said...

first, GROSS! yuck yuck, still trying to recover here.
second, hahahaha. great award acceptance. (can't help but to feel a little bad for Daisy though)

Mike said...

Carey, a video? Who am I? Duran Duran? This is my BLOG. I do the typey-typey instead of making videos.

Avery, I'm taking it as a compliment. And of course I'm happy you're feeling better. If you felt so bad that you couldn't post, what would I do for material?

Ms. PhD, I may try that tea. I use their nighttime tea for happy sleepy time often. As for Heroes, I keep meaning to rent Season on on DVD and watch it. I heard this season sucks though. True?

4th Sister, you may gaze upon my monumental award anytime you wish. It has been bronzed for eternity in my sidebar.

Newnorth, "Gross"? Dang, your threshold for grossness is pretty low. Was it the chunky snot? The boobies?

Unbalanced Reaction said...


But here's some cold advice that will make life all happy (albeit a little cracked out): take DAYQUIL! Mmmm...the speed-erific goodness of those orange pills (yes, I have a cold right now, too).

Avery Gray said...

I think you're fibbing. I don't see it. Unless you mean your archives. In which case, hardee har har.

How are you feeling today?

Mike said...

Unbalanced Reaction, yeah, Dayquil is pretty effective stuff, but when it wears off, it leaves me feeling worse than I did before I took it. I'll only pop one of those when I really need to be more functional than my cold allows me to be.

Avery, damn! You are right. Somehow I lost my template change. I honest did try to put it there. I just tried again. Hopefully it'll stick this time.