Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I decided to do a video instead of typey-typey today.

Now that you've seen that, let me answer some questions:

Q) Do you know that sucked?

A) Yes. I tried hard to maintain the same level of excellence in the video as I do in my regular blog posts.

Q) Am you talking too fast or mumbling?

A) Both!

Q) Does your voice normally sound like that?

A) Not in my head.

Q) I'm going to inform the Center for Disease Control about your office.

A) That's not a question.

Q) Am you normally that... uh.... affected?

A) Kind of.

Q) Is this post in honor of your first real blog post being three years ago from today?

A) Really? Three years? Man, that's time poorly spent. Anyway, no, but thanks for noticing.


Mike said...

Doh! Man, the audio and video are sync'ed correctly on my local copy. No so much on the Youtube version. Annoying.

tinyhands said...

You were left home alone today, weren't you?

PS: It was sync'ed the second time around. Don't ask why I watched it more than once. I said don't ask!

Mike said...

Louie, I'm left home alone every day.

carey said...

For starters, you're cuter than your mug shot would let on despite the zit, which I really didn't need to see.

I would tell you not to give up your day job, but I guess that WAS your day job.

More, please.

Mike said...

Mug shot. I can't believe I never made that connection before. Christ.

More, eh? You prefer the unsynced mumbling and bad lighting to the typos and bad grammar? You must have an outie.

Janelle Renee said...

Happy Belated Blog Birthday!

Boy, it was difficult sitting through that entire video, but entertaining none the less.

I have a big zit on my nose. Her name is Stella, and she asked me to pass along a message to Pierre since she is unable to type. "Bonjour, Pierre. You are very cute!" (Stella is an odd one.)

Mike said...

Janelle, I read your comment to Pierre. He spurted a little pus. Now he feels inadequate.

The Tart said...

YOU are too much!

I am still laughing ... too cute, lucky Daisy.

Silly smooches (to Mr. ? - Squeeker)
The Tart
; *

Mike said...

Tart, thanks. I may do more vlogging in the future. Mr. Squeakers and Pierre may or may not make cameos.