Saturday, March 13, 2004

The problem with being a software developer is that you can't really discuss your job with anyone who isn't a software developer. It's horrendously boring to the rest of the world. Programmer has taken over from "Insurance agent" as the Guy-You-Least-Want-To-Be-Trapped-In-An-Elevator-With. The reason for this is that all my good work stories typically end with punchlines like this:

"So then I rebooted and it went away."
"It was the classic Off By One Error! Hah!"
"And that's how I proved that Tron wasn't realistic."

And that's why all my good friends are computer nerds like me.

Funniest thing about today
Watched my 4 year-old daughter play in her first soccer game. As it turns out, 4 year-olds pretty much suck at soccer. They get tired easily, and they get distracted by omnipresent things like grass. The game ends up being a cross between

A) The football board game from my youth where the board vibrates and the plastic players essentially randomly vibrate around


B) A game where the soccer ball is a giant magnet and all the kids are hapless pieces of metal.

Combine both those images and you've got a good picture of my daughter's soccer team. Thankfully, in this league they don't keep score. I'm not supposed to know that the other team out scored them 19-1. Mums the word.

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