Thursday, December 21, 2006

Winter Present Tree Day is almost upon us! In honor of that excellent holiday, here are a bunch of unrelated items:

1) For years one of my friends thought I was saying "Winter Presentry Day". I guess he figured that as long as I was making up holidays, I was probably making up words too.

2) The fan in our car went berserk last night. I drove it a few miles, and then for over an hour afterwards it sat in the garage with the fan randomly starting and stopping. Stupid car. I popped the hood and stared at the engine for a good long time, hoping to intimidate it into behaving. It saw through my facade though. It knew that I couldn't even find the damn fan. I did, however, find the fuse box and then I removed every single fuse in there. I only lost one of them. Who's laughing now, stupid car?!

3) After my tremendous success with the car engine, now I'm going to take apart the non-functional vent/hood above our stove. There's a .001% chance that I'll be able to fix it. I like them odds!

4) This week Hank started impinging upon my turf. She animated one of our pot holders (frankly, one of the pot holders with the least personality) and entertained Daisy with its lackluster antics. I was forced to up the ante by anthropormophizing a dinosaur-grabby-toy thing. It squeaks when it grabs. Daisy lovingly calls it Mr. Squeakers. Daisy loves it more than Mr. Pot Holder. She's a smart girl.

Back to the Winter Present Tree Day preparations. It just ain't Winter Present Tree Day without a dismantled stove venting system.


Velvet Sacks said...

Here's wishing you, Hank and Daisy the best Winter Present Tree Day ever. And may 2007 be filled with working vehicles and appliances.

tinyhands said...

Please come get the working, yet obsolete (replaced by a spiffy microwave/vent combo unit) vent hood out of my garage.

apppyHay olidaysHay to the amilyFay.

Mike said...

VS, thanks! Right back atcha!

Louie, you won't believe this, but I sort of got mine working (of course by "I" I mean "Hank").

Janelle Renee said...

Did the Winter Present Tree gobble you up, like Charlie Brown's kite eating tree?

Mike said...

JR, I thought I was clear about the name of the tree. It's a Winter Present TREE Day TREE. Don't make the baby Jesus cry.

Janelle Renee said...

Ooops. My apologies.

I'm glad to see that the Winter Present Tree Day TREE didn't, in fact, gooble you up. The dishwasher did. Damn dishwashers.