Sunday, May 07, 2006

I brought Daisy to her Tae Kwon Do class this weekend. For some reason the Saturday class is always poorly attended. Yesterday Daisy was the only student. Being an only child and a natural teacher's pet, this is a comfortable scenario for her.

The class was taught by a substitute instructor that I had never seen before. He led Daisy through several of her Tae Kwon Do forms for a few minutes, then looked down at his watch and soon realized that class with one student can cover a lot more ground than class with a dozen. He needed filler and fast.

"So, Daisy, you feel like doing something..... uh.... new?"


"Ok, we're going to use something that your other classmates haven't tried yet."

With that ominous warning, the instructor disappeared into the supply room for a minute and then returned with....NUNCHUCKS!

Ah, of course. Nunchucks. I guess they had run out of throwing stars, machetes, and dynamite. These are all very useful skills for six year-olds.

I was sitting about 20 yards away, so I couldn't see what the nunchucks were made out of. For the sake of my parental sanity, I'm going to assume they were made out of something soft like foam and not wood. I'm sure a better parent would have at least asked a question about them, but I was too busy laughing and wishing that I had brought a real camera. I snapped this picture with my crappy cell phone camera.

(Daisy is the little one. You can see a blue smudge behind her back. That's the weapon!)

Daisy was unaware that she was being schooled on a weapon so dangerous that it would be illegal for her to own them. She learned a few basic maneuvers and managed to escape without injuring herself or the instructor. Similarly, I emerged without giving myself a hernia from laughing. Safety first!

On a totally unrelated note, here's my recent favorite search that brought someone to my blog. The words they search on tell a story. It's a story that starts out innocent, romantic and sweet. By the time they had finished typing in their search criteria, their true nature had been revealed:
story romantic sexy honeymoon Surprise BLOWJOB
(Capitalization added)


Janelle Renee said...

I would've sat 20 yards away, too, it someone gave a 6 year old some Nunchucks. (My spell check suggested "non-chunks.")

That was a cell phone picture?!?! Mine doesn't work half as well as yours.

I'm wishing your random visitor success on his honeymoon. (Or, I wonder if it was the bride? It could've been. What a sweet gal!)

Mike said...

jr, I debated whether the internet searcher was the blower or the receiver. I decided it was the receiver.

Neel Mehta said...

I have no idea how you can determine the searches others use to find your blog, but I have a feeling I don't want to know.

In defense of the searcher (who was not me), that particular string of words suggests that he/she was looking for something specific, like a story once told with those details.

Mike said...


I use a stat counter called Sitemeter that gives me basic info on where visitors are coming from and how many visitors I'm getting. You can read about it at It's pretty easy to set up, but there are a bunch of other ones too.

As for the "blowjob" searcher's intentions, I prefer my interpretation. :)

The Tart said...

I can't wait 4 the day Miss Daisy reads her Pop's bloggy. She is gonna B so freaked! LOL.

Nun-chucks, too crazy! Hmm. Where did I put mine ~ they are the Hello Kitty brand with little pink feathers, glow in the dark & glitter, oops ... it's not a Nun/nun-chuck ... it's a ... never mind. ; )

The Tart
; )

Rrramone said...

Hmmm. Nunchucks, blowjobs, digital photos, romance. This is starting to remind me of my latest dream sequence, starring several of you and the lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. :-)

Mike, your role was strictly decorative. And Tart, I think we all know what you're referring to, and it isn't a martial arts tool.

Mike said...

Jocelyn, what exactly happens when you use your glow-in-the-dark implement? What ends up glowing?

Rrrrrramone, I don't think I'm pretty enough to be decorative.

The Tart said...

First, the thingy can be a martial arts tool, so some say ~ Rrramone, honey! Don't Cha know.

Mike, I just can't share all my Tarty secrets out here in bloggyville ~ but what I will tell U is that what starts glowing is "all the sparkly parts, natch!" Everybody knows that. ; )

Secret smooch,
The Tart

BTW, ask JR if U don't believe me ;~)

Mike said...

Jocelyn, I imagine that you're sparkly all over.

The Tart said...