Tuesday, October 25, 2005

(The long awaited Blog Swap has arrived. Today's post is brought to you, in the style of Mike, by Dolface. Similarly, I have posted on his blog.)

There will be less whining here than usual, because today (maybe as a reward for yesterdays pleather fiasco), was an actual good day.

Yes, yes, i know, "But Mike!" you're saying "whining is what you DO, it's why we come here, so we can laugh at your misery and feel better about ourselves".

Too bad, if you don't like it come back tomorrow, by which time I'm sure something bad will have happened to me, and things will be back to normal around here.

But today was a good day; nothing bad happened, no telemarketers called, nothing fell off the house or got stolen, Daisy had fun at school, and Hank... hmmm.

Well, whatever it takes to make Hank happy happened.

As for me, my day went like this: I got up, didn't take a shower, didn't get dressed, drank coffee, staggered into the office, and got to work.

The morning passed as I worked, and most unusually, I didn't have to interact with a single person (well, I answered some email, but that hardly counts, right?).

When it was time for lunch I went and stood in front of the refrigerator and ate coldcuts from the package, pickles from the jar, and cheese off a knife.


The afternoon was pretty much the same, although I considered taking my pyjama bottoms off and working like that just because I could. Then I remembered that I hadn't taken a shower, and in a rare burst of generosity, decided to keep them on. Sometimes I'm a prince.

And that was it, that was Mike's Good Day.

Tomorrow will no doubt reach new depths of misery and horror, but I will always have the beacon of today, shining like my pale, unshowered ass peeking out of the wasitband of my pyjamas.


TC Byrd said...

Oooh, nice job!

Mike said...

TC, "nice job" to whom? Dolface as the fake me? Or me as the fake Dolface.

Aww, who am I kidding? Nice job all the way around!

nomax said...

I'm gonna be chuckling over that pale, unshowered ass shining like a beacon for a good long while.

Mike said...

Nomax, I've got me a good mind to go ahead and shower that ass! That'll show you!

aka "Jay" said...

Dolface, you make me laugh. Reading one curmudgeon both immitating and mocking another made me chuckle. It was especially funny because I _did_ spend all of yesterday in my pjs. Sadly, that did not bring me any joy...

-aka "Jay"

Elmo Oxygen said...

Well done, Dolface. And I'm sure you enjoyed writing about Mike's beacon-like unshowered ass.

Who wouldn't?

Siôn said...

Good hustle from all involved.
Mike - fancy having a go at mine?

Mike said...

Jay, it's not that the PJ's didn't bring you joy, it's that the work sucked all the joy back out of your day.

Elmo, at this point it's certain that the memory of the Great Blog Swap will be of my ass.

Mike said...

Siôn, if you find me a good Welsh->English and English->Welsh translator, I'll give it a go. Otherwise, it'll pretty much just look like this:

Ffcywdyl crsdl ddn english bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxyz.

Siôn said...

Good attempt. Better than any of the crap that I write.

Mike said...

Siôn, I'd come to your defense here, if only I could understand your blog. Something about crffyndls. That's all I caught.