Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Back in January I posted about the Invisible Book, an art project that my friend, Johanna, had begun. The Invisible Book was to be a collection of anonymous secrets, only visible under ultraviolet light. Some of you added secrets to the project, and for that I thank you.

Well, the book is just about done. For those of you who live near San Francisco, you can come see the book at an art show. Art shows are what we San Franciscans do when we're not drinking lattes, burning flags, or having anal sex. Even I will be crawling out from under my rock/bridge to come see the show.

You can find links to the Art show, a spiffy "The Making Of" video, and some snippets of the book at the Invisible Book page.

Meanwhile, it's apparent to me that none of Johanna's creativity has rubbed off on me. I'm busy crafting one of those lame-o "100 things about me" posts. All the statements either fall into the "Boring", "Really Boring", or "Slightly Misleading" buckets. And those are just the ones I've kept so far.

Coming to a blog near you.


amy said...

Yes thanks for telling us about your friend's project. I sent the link on to many of my friends months ago. I added about six secrets that only your friend now knows.... besides me and God. It was an amazing thing....great release. Just like blogging but a little different.

Mike said...

No, thank you, Misfit!

aHeart2Follow said...

Yeah...I too told a secret. One that I've been carrying around for over 10 years. It felt great.

Thanks for the link.