Thursday, March 03, 2005

Man, starting on the "100 things about me" list was just about the stupidest blogging idea I've had yet. It's clogging up the whole blogging part of my brain, preventing anything else from leaking out.

Anything besides this little story my wife told me yesterday, that is.

So, the wifey takes the kidlet to the pulmonologist yesterday and my daughter, as usual, dazzles the doc with her command of the English language, describing various symptoms with a near-clinical precision. The doctor takes this all in and says to my wife, "Your husband must be very smart."

Oh. Yes.

If this were a male doctor, or some dizzy school girl, we would discount the comment, but the doctor in question is one of the top pediatric pulmonologists around, and is a FEMALE.

There you have it. Despite all evidence to the contrary, I have been clinically diagnosed with a case of the Very Smarts. Me! Hah, wife! Hah!


tinyhands said...

That your wife admitted this story to you makes it somewhat unbelieveable.

The Mincemeat Vixen said...

Did your wife bitch-slap the doctor?

Mike said...

Tiny, you're on to me. I just get excited when I type the word "pulmonologist" so I made this up. Damn you and your bloggy intuition!

Vixen, no, but wouldn't that make a fine pay-for-view event?