Thursday, September 16, 2004

Probably the cutest thing that I saw during my days of single parenthood was my daughter's ballet class. Picture about 15 five year-old girls wearing tu-tu-ish outfits, spinning, jumping, and giggling. Just impossibly cute. There was also one boy in the class. He was grinning from ear to ear the whole time. Either he really loves ballet, or he realizes that he just stumbled upon the greatest opportunity to meet five year-old chicks around.

Hats off to the instructor of this class. Teaching kindergarteners ballet is akin to herding cats. There were very few moments when all the kids were paying attention to her. Distractions for the kids included:

- Staring at themselves in the mirror
- Inventing new ballet jumps
- Lifting their skirts over their heads

My daughter enjoyed all these activities.

There were a couple of small windows through which the parents could view the proceedings. I stayed glued to the window for most of the class, wondering how many more years of this achingly cute behavior I get to watch.

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