Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Today, *Insert Funny Blog Title Here* is proud to present its first (and probably last) contest. Behold:

Rule #1: First person to email me wins.
Rule #2: Uh....man, I didn't think this through
Rule #3: Anyone married to me (or even thinking of divorcing me) is disqualified

The Prize: Your very own GMail (that's Google's new email) account.

I know *IFBTH* (rolls right off the tongue!) isn't the first blog to give away a GMail account. Nor is it the best blog or funniest blog to do so. It's certainly not the blog with the most content or best links. It is, however, the very best blog that I write, and, hell, you're here. So there.

I've had my GMail account for about a month. It rocks. Here's the scoop:

The Bad: They display text ads when you read your email. They are, however, much more innocuous than the FLASHING ads that Yahoo displays. They are easy to ignore, just like the ads you see when you use Google's search engine.

The Good: 1 Gigabyte of free storage space. That's a lot of bytes.

The Good: Google's excellent search algorithms to help you find old emails

The Interesting: No more folders. Just apply labels to your emails. You can apply multiple labels to any email which solves the which-folder-should-I-put-this-in dilemma.

The Interesting: Emails are grouped into conversations. You forward, you reply, you forward again, that whole thread is lumped together into one "conversation".

You can read more HERE.

Email me and win (except you, wife. You lose. You still have me though. We'll consider that to be the second place prize. Congrats).

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