Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I think every parent has their own stupid little games that they play with their kid. It might be a peekaboo derivative or some clever twist on Itsy Bitsy Spider. My daughter, Blanda, (see previous post) and I have our bits of schtick too. My personal favorite is a bit where I declare my butt to smell oh-so-sweet and I offer a whiff to Blanda. She marches right over, takes a big dramatic whiff (it's handy that she's pretty much butt-height), and proclaims, "Roses!"

I enjoyed this game on many occasions. I like to think she enjoyed it too. I certainly smelled her butt many times during diaper checks during her younger years. Why not play a game that returns the favor?

One day, however, when I announced the pleasantness of my rump aroma, Blanda came over for her confirmation, took her whiff, and proclaimed, "Tacos! Daddy, your butt smells like tacos."

We haven't played that game since.

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