Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh, sweet packet nectar, I am back online!

Thanks to typical AT&T incompetence, I've been without internet access for the last four days.  Liz and Larry describe this situation as "camping".  In fact, I covered my feelings about internet droughts pretty well last time this happened.  This time, however, we were more camping than usual because our downstairs toilet decided to stop working at about the same time.  Despite the obvious and beautiful symmetry of the main household crap output tube (downstairs toilet) failing at the same time as the main household crap input tube (internet) it was a mostly annoying experience.

It wasn't a huge burden to trek upstairs each time I had to use the potty, but it's always weird going without good internet access.  I was able to do a teeny bit of web surfing on my cell phone, but peering at the Internet through a 3.5 inch screen is like having sex through a tiny hole. 

Wait.  Having sex with a small hole actually sounds pretty good.  I guess my internet experience was more like drinking beer through a thin straw. 

Crap.  That sounds pretty good too.  Well, my ability to construct a good simile aside, just trust me that the whole internet thing put me out of sorts this weekend, more so than usual.  On Saturday afternoon, I had about 90 minutes to kill while Daisy had a play date, and no household projects demanded my attention, so I just sat on the couch and read a book. 

Yeah, reading in the middle of the day.  I felt like Laura freaking Ingalls Wilder or a caveman or something.  So low tech.  Anyway, it's nice to be back

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