Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Daisy is a big fan of the performing arts, so a few months ago we signed her up for singing lessons through a voice teacher we know. This last weekend was her first voice recital.

It was a fairly low-key event, held in the voice teacher's living room, but it was pretty cool hearing the improvement in Daisy's singing ability.

What wasn't cool about the recital? Everyone else.

Every single person sang either show tunes or opera. I can probably tolerate show tunes better than most people, but I simply cannot stand opera. It sounds unnatural, or inhuman at best, like a cat being mechanically separated. It's an example of a talent that is difficult to master and even more difficult to listen to. Other sounds in this category include show-offy guitar solos and every single note that has ever come out of a violin. Horrible horrible stuff.

Note that I'm not saying that these people were bad singers. They were not. I just find opera to be intolerable, ESPECIALLY when it's in a foreign language like German. German language + opera is pretty much the perfect storm of annoying vocals.

You know it's a tough show when you're grateful for the show tunes.


Ms.PhD said...

ohh, man, I feel ya. I love opera, but I HATE HATE HATE bad singing. And bad violin. Nothing worse on this earth than bad violin in your ear. And I totally get what you mean about the show tunes being the best part. Amateur show tunes may be worse than amateur opera. It's a tossup really.

Mike said...

I'm not sure I can tell the difference between good violin and bad violin. It all sounds like medieval cat torture. Apparently the ability to tell the difference resides in the same gene as the ability to distinguish fine wine from swill.