Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I recall very few childhood memories more pleasurable and filled with optimism than reaching the end of a school year. A summer off? It was a delight I could feel all over.

So, it was with much sympathetic anticipation that I roused Daisy this morning.

Me: Baby, it's time to wake up. It's your last day of school! Yay! Goodbye to 4th grade!
Daisy: Mmmmph
Me: Wake up, pumpkin. The last day of school will be great!
Daisy: *scrunches up face*
Me: Yay! No more school!
Daisy: I'm sad.
Me: You're.... what? Sad? Did you hear me?
Daisy: I'm sad I won't get to see the librarian any more. Or my teacher.

(Let the record show that next year Daisy will be moving to a different campus)

Me: Look, you'll be at your old campus almost every day next year for the after school program. You'll be able to stop by and visit the librarian plenty. Plus, I'll bet your new campus has an even better library with even more books that you haven't read. Besides, I think you should focus on how much fun you're going to have this summer. Camp! Summer!
Daisy: I'm sad.

Oh, good lord, what is wrong with my child?

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