Monday, May 11, 2009

On Saturday night I went out with the wife, Liz, and Larry to see The Shins at the fabulous Fox Theater in Oakland. The concert was pretty good, but what was most memorable about the concert were the three women in front of us.

I don't recall if there was ever a 60 second period during the entire concert where all three of their cell phones were off. Usually at least one of them was busily typing text messages. Their row was like my own personal iPhone ad/clock/annoyatron. It's hard not to notice when screens are constantly flashing on and off in front of you.

Phone on! 9:58! typetypetypetypetype Phone off.
Phone on! 9:59! typetypetypetypetype Phone off.
Phone on! 9:59! typetypetypetypetype Phone off.

One of the women had a password that she typed dozens of time during that concert alone. Another one had a nice large font that I could read from my row. She, apparently, WAS IN HEAVEN! OMG!

Now, I'm not a qualified spokesperson for the Live In The Moment Society, but it took all my self-restraint to not thump these people on the back of the head each type they texted. At the very least someone should make an iPhone app that allows me to send messages to people located physically close to me. That way I could text, "LOOK UP! LOOK GODDAMN UP!"

Actually that ability to communicate anonymously to people nearby would come in handy all over the place. I could use it to apologize when I farted in an elevator or to chastise bad drivers on the highway (just kidding! Kids, no texting while driving!)

I had a nice time though.

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Ms.PhD said...

I think we should start a Live In the Moment Society. And start thumping people, pronto