Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I had Monday off this week. Actually, technically Tuesday was the day that my office was closed, but I swapped days so that my off-day matched my daughter's.

What holiday occurred this week, you ask? César Chávez Day!

For those of you outside of California, yes, it's a real holiday. That's not the weird part though. The weird part is that my office chose to close on César Chávez Day INSTEAD of President's Day. We worked on President's Day.

I'm as much of a latte-sippin' socialist liberal pinko as the next San Franciscan, but this surprises even me! I mean, President's Day! Isn't that day, along with the 4th of July, the main holidays that U.S. citizens should be celebrating? Although I've never understood why the Christian holidays were national holidays, I always understood about President's Day and the 4th.



Bones said...

Mike, do you celebrate Chocolate Bunny Fertility Day at your house?

nrd2 said...

" Texas also recognizes the day" hm...coulda fooled me! i never heard of it before!

Mike said...

Bones, I find it pretty easy to ignore Chocolate Bunny Fertility Day, but Daisy's aunt takes it upon herself to organize some secularish activities each year, which gets me off the hook.

Nrd2, it's not often that California and Texas have something culturally in common.

patsy said...

César Chávez was a great fellow for the farm works in Ca. I would celebrate that day.

Mike said...

Hey, I'm not saying that he wasn't a great guy, but skipping President's Day seems weird to me.