Sunday, March 15, 2009

I brought Daisy to her second book club meeting this afternoon. On the way there I contemplated how to make this a more fun experience for all involved.

When we arrived, I greeted Elizabeth, the mom who hosts the event.

Me: Hey, I figured out what your book club is missing.
Elizabeth: Oh? What's that?
Me: Margaritas.
Elizabeth: Margaritas?
Me: Yeah, you let the kids have their little book club meeting in one room with their tea and their cookies, meanwhile all the parents hang out, drink margaritas, and play word games in another room. Good, eh?

Elizabeth stared at me for a moment, contemplating the boozy offer by this near stranger.

Elizabeth: That's.... a pretty good idea.
Me: I know! It's not just a bunch of parents getting liquored up though. We're playing word games, so thematically it works well with the book club. It's all words!
Elizabeth: Would we have to have a special evening edition of book club or could we still...
Me: Drink margaritas in the afternoon? Sure! It's not a breakfast book club or anything. We're good.
Elizabeth: I like that idea. I think we're going to do that!

Yay! I fixed book club!

I'll grant you that I'm a little leery of organizing drinking events for people I don't know well, since the last time I did that, people danced with pineapples, leered, and puked in my house. Those things by themselves aren't too scary, but one of the people got so drunk that they swore off drinking and haven't had a drop to drink since. Now THAT scares me. I feel like I helped break her.

So, here's hoping that I don't break any of the neighbors while I fix book club.


Prosy said...

I have a book club just like that! We call it Happy Hour though, and most of the members didn't even know we were reading books.

Sue said...

All that fun, plus the benefit of being a positive role model for Daisy!

Mike said...

Prosy, I like it. Secret book club!

Sue, what's the role model part? The margaritas? Playing games? Man, I'm a KICK-ASS role model!

loveyh said...

EVERYTHING is better with margaritas.

Except maybe brain surgery. If you're the surgeon.

Mike said...

Are you kidding? I bet brain surgery is way more fun with margaritas.

Ms.PhD said...

Awesome. Especially since, if I read this right, it's not in your house. So they can puke all that want.

Mike said...

Ms. PhD, amen. This lady has a really nice apartment. I can't wait to puke in her bathroom.