Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hi reader(s)!

I've been a bad little blogger. A couple of things have been keeping me busy.

First off, I'm in the Internet biz these days. That means that sometimes my job includes looking at large lists of web sites and, uh, gathering data about them. That's a big time-sink of a chore. Do you know how many pages there are on the net? Plenty. Plengoddamnty. In the near future part of my job will also include figuring out which of those pages are, uh, "adult" content. Oh, man is that going to be good. I'm going to do a LOT of testing.

Secondly, we've been preparing for the arrival of Steve Austin, the Six Million Dollar Cat! I'm 95% certain that this is going to go terribly, hilariously, and tragically awry. It will be my most CAPS-filled blog post ever, but it's another week or two in the making.

Please stand by.

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