Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh, and the other thing I hate about my new job is the commuting.

It's a pretty reasonable commute, as far as commutes go. There's around 15 minutes of walking and 11 minutes of sitting (hopefully) on BART, our local subway. Obviously I resent the hours spent each week traveling to and from the office, especially since the commute on my old job topped out at around 20 seconds when traveling from the kitchen to my spare bedroom.

But I knew what I was getting into with the time loss there. What never occurred to me was how annoying it was going to be running into I know people during the commute and then being forced to make small talk with them to/from BART or on the train itself. There's this one guy from the neighborhood that I keep running into named Harry. I've known Harry for about 15 years and I ran out of things to say to the guy around 14.9 years ago. So, being stuck next to him on the train for 11 minutes is about 11 minutes too long. I suspect he feels the same way. Nice guy though.


Sue said...

Making small talk with people I don't really know well is the bane of my existence! In other words - I suck at it. I never know what to say. And those uncomfortable silences...ouch.

Mike said...

Oh, man, I hate those uncomfortable silences. I generally end up filling them with something offensive.