Monday, April 14, 2008

Now that the school auction is 99% behind us, Hank can devote her free time to her favorite leisure activity: going through every one of our possessions and finding new places to put them.

Extra coaxial cable? In the cable box!
Empty picture frames? In the stray picture drawer!
Automobile? Under the sink!

I know she's fighting the good fight, but she always seems to organize things out of sight about 24 hours before I need them. Granted, I do keep a supply of coax cables hidden under the dust bunnies in my office for emergencies, but it's a constant battle.

The other day, however, Hank came across a true gem. She found our wedding pictures.

Hank and I got married in Vegas over 11 years ago. We had an awesome wedding with a photographer provided by the fabulous Stratosphere casino. We returned home later that weekend and promptly lost the photos. It was a shame, because the photos were fabulously cheesy.

Now, however, thanks to Hank's desire to move every molecule in our house, I proudly present a sampling of my wedding pictures:

Look, it's me! Debonairly flying through space at warp speed! In a long sleeve t-shirt, vest, and communicator disguised as a boutonniere!

I've landed on an alien planet! I've attached myself to a life form! It's love!

I've brought the alien to the skies of my home planet! Must! Stay! Attached!

I'm... uh... looking at my watch?

The deed is done! Thanks to non-denominational generic minister, I'm married!

And THAT is how to get married. You listening, Daisy?


Sue said...

That is rich! OH WHAT FUN. I especially like the dialogue bubbles covering her face.

Lola said...

You're married? I thought I was the One. Oh well, you did keep mentioning Hank and Daisy, I suppose.

Avery Gray said...

Oh my.

Those are...nice.

I can't believe you don't have them proudly displayed around your house! The sunset silhouette would make a lovely focal piece for any room!

Mike said...

Sue, yeah, Hank wasn't thrilled about me pasting bubbles over her face here, but she disliked the alternative even more.

Lola, hey if Hank mysteriously dies, we'll see what we can do. You look like a yummy piece of cake.

Avery, are you mocking my wedding pictures? Am I not waving enough money?

Avery Gray said...

Touche, jackass.

Mike said...

Avery, I accept both your apology and your use of the word 'jackass' as a term of endearment.

Mya said...

At least you aren't wearing an Elvis suit. And you look happy...or maybe's lasted 11 years so it can't have been too bad!

Mya x

Alexander said...

Wowwwwww... I am in awe. I hope one day I have a wedding as half as cool as this.

Mike said...

Mya, deranged? Awww, now I feel embarrassed about my beautiful wedding photos.

Alexander, I think "half as cool" is pretty doable.

Mya said...

Don't be embarrassed you ninny! They are beautiful pictures. I meant deranged in a nice way.

Mya x

Mike said...

Mya, I accept both your apology and your use of the word "ninny" as a term of endearment.