Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hooooo-eeeee (sp?)! That was a good weekend.

No one extraordinary thing happened, but it was pretty solid all the way through. Let's do a quick highlight reel.

Friday Night: Daisy had a sleepover, so Hank and I got to have an "adult" night with Liz and Larry. It wasn't the drug and sex-fueled night it sounds like, but there's something undeniably relaxing and vacation-like about a night where you know that you can come home at any time, and sleep in until any time. Granted, my parenthood-stunted brain prevents me from actually sleeping a full eight hours, and I had to get up to meet my running club early on Saturday morning, but in theory I COULD have slept in. That rocks.

Saturday Morning: I met up with my running club and immediately noticed an athletic man striding towards us. Even though he was merely walking, he exuded speed and fitness. As it turned out, he's a world class runner, training to compete in the upcoming 100 Kilometer World Championships. I chatted him up during our pre-stretch warm-up run.

He was visiting San Francisco for a few days and hooked up with our club so that he could jog for 2 hours with our marathon trainers, and then he'd go and do his actual workout afterwards. I quizzed him about his race pace and it turns out that he can run 62 miles at a pace faster than I can run 1 mile. Bastard.

As we returned from our casual warm-up run, I sped up ever so slightly and nonchalantly tagged our table. Ta dah! And that's how I beat another world-class athlete.

Saturday Evening: We had a dinner and movie date with another couple. More about dinner another time, but we saw the Simpson's movie, which I can heartily recommend to anyone who enjoys the TV show. I stopped watching the TV show years ago because it seemed like the quality had fallen off, but the movie was entirely satisfying.

Sunday Evening: A friend from college contacted me recently because she discovered my blog (Thank you, Looksmart Google!). She came into town with her husband, who is a TV personality, and we had a lovely dinner. They told entertaining stories about the TV business, and I countered with hilarious anecdotes about software enterprise application integration. It was like we were all still in college.

Tomorrow I have to actually go into the actual office, which is a drag for obvious and actual reasons (pants).


Will said...

You probably know this, but I think Daisy just appreciates that you did it for her.

Will said...

I believe I've posted this comment under the wrong post. It was in reference to the beard in a cup.

Mike said...

Will, I appreciate your Pollyanna perspective on my daughter's appreciation. That's a nice world you live in. ;)

Will said...

Hm.. then I guess she's just wants to run a DNA test to make sure you're her real dad :)

Mike said...

Now THAT sounds more like my daughter.