Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Some people call me the space hippie, yeah
Some call me the blogster of love

Some people call me Mi-ike

Cause I speak of the mumblemumble OF LOOOOOOVE

That's me! So far, like Deanna Troi, I have chosen Valerian Tea to be my sleep aid of choice. We are birds of a feather, Counselor Troi and I. Who knows, had my life turned out differently (say maybe discovering faster-than-light travel, and then starting up a Starfleet organization, and then traveling into a parallel and fictional universe), then maybe I could have shared a cup of tea with Deanna one evening.

Night Two of Valerian-aided sleep went pretty well. I still woke up a little bit, but, as Carey noted in the comments of the last post, maybe that's just what my sleep patterns are changing into now that I'm old. Or maybe Carey meant that I'm changing into a butterfly. Beats me.

Anyway, this is how it looks when Deanna drinks her tea. Obviously the uniform is from a different season than the above picture. Duh. The mug is clearly futuristic and fantastic. I'm going to get one of those.


Janelle Renee said...

Well, if you are going to get the mug, you just have to get the uniform too. Might as well go all out. (The color would complement your complexion nicely, too.)

carey said...

That's not a mug. It's a beaker. It's a tea beaker. Shove that up against your nose and take another picture. ;)

Mike said...

JR, great idea. I would look hot in a Deanna uni.

Carey, excellent idea. Clearly the next step in the evolution of the profile pic.

tinyhands said...

Just don't take a picture in the spandex unitard.

Mike said...

Tiny, soooo, you want me to take off the unitard before I take the picture for you?

Larry said...

Mumblemumble? He clearly says "pompatus". Not that that's what he should be saying. My man Cecil cleared it all up a while back.

I dig the beaker aesthetic. Somebody at work bought a big Florence flask and turned it into a fish tank. Nifty.

newnorth said...

darn you, now I can't sleep.
Closest thing I have to tea is koolaid, don't think it works the same :(

zelda1 said...

Hey, sorry you are having problems sleeping and glad you found a solution. So, other than not sleeping, how have you been?

Mike said...

Larry, I didn't mean to imply that Steve Miller was the mumbler. I was the one who was unable to bring myself to say "pompatus"

Newnorth, doh! Sorry, didn't realize that insomnia was contagious.

Zelda1, oh, pretty good. Welcome back!

David said...

I think Captain Picard's girlfriend, Lt. Commander Darren, would tell you that you shouldn't be drinking tea at that time of night. Instead, drink warm milk with a dash of nutmeg.

Yes, I'm a Star Trek geek.

Mike said...

Nutmeg? Crazy! Ok, I'll do that when I tire of Valerian tea.