Sunday, May 06, 2007

Our car is in the shop this week and I couldn't be happier about it.

A couple of weeks ago Hank was running errands and had parked our car on a street in Noe Valley (a nice neighborhood here in San Francisco). She returned to the car about an hour later and found a note on the windshield. It said something to this effect:
I saw your car get hit by a truck. I took pictures of the truck. You may contact me at
Sure enough, our car had a dent in the hood.

Hank contacted the good samaritan later that day via email and he explained that a pickup truck had been trying to parallel park in front of our car. The gate on the truck was down and some pieces of wood were sticking out a few feet beyond the back of the truck. When the truck backed up too close to our car, the wood stabbed into our hood, making a nice little dent. The truck driver immediately pulled out of the spot and parked further down the street.

The good samaritan attached photos of the truck, including the offending piece of wood and a clear shot of the out-of-state Florida license plate. He offered that our insurance company or the police could contact him with any questions.

Hank filed a police report and then submitted all the information to our insurance company. They assessed it, and said that they had everything they needed to go after this guy. They told us they'd waive the deductible and that we should go get our car fixed at our earliest convenience.

Holy crap! I'm speechless.

When was I abducted from Earth and deposited on The Planet Where Things Happen As They Should? It's really nice here. Warm.

Either that or Hank has some kick-ass karma. It surely can't be mine.


Larry said...

Man, that is so vicariously satisfying! And it so nicely stokes my obsession with "why don't people who drive trucks secure their crap properly and stop driving like idiots?" I mean, really, what do these contractor dorks do besides drive around yakking on their Nextel bleepity bleepers and dropping shovels in the middle of my golldang freeway?!? If it's not a shovel, then it's a ladder or a bag of yard clippings or some insulation or a piece of carpet or the large plate glass window I saw shattered on the side of the road today. Freakin' idiots. (whew, thanks... i apparently needed that.)

Mike said...

Larry, you're still bitter from your bathroom remodel, aren't you? Lower your standards. Accept mediocrity. It's the only way. (Or do the work yourself)

Neel Mehta said...

You should leave your car in the shop as long as possible. Hey, free parking.

Mike said...

Neel, I am both a city dweller and an experienced Monopoly player. Free parking is nothing to scoff at.