Monday, May 07, 2007

One of my friends is making online bets using the data from my baseball program, and so far he's lost a little money. One day, he mis-clicked and placed a bet he didn't mean to place. The game in question ended up being a bizarre one that was suspended mid-game due to rain and then resumed the next day. Although the team he bet on ended up winning, he lost the bet due to some arcane (but standard) casino rules. Needless to say, he was rather annoyed.

I spent some time that morning researching the rules and I explained to him exactly what had occurred, and why he had lost his bet. The conversation turned into this:

Me: Anyway, that's why you lost the bet. The casino didn't steal your money, it's just a weird rule.
Friend: Ok.
Friend: You're a shill for the casinos, aren't you?
Me: Apparently
Friend: You see, this is a classic mistake men make.
Me: Reading the rules?
Friend: I want support and empathy over my situation...and you give me logic.
Friend: You just need to honor and validate my feelings.
Me: I.... can't..... even.... parse those sentences.
Me: Something about logic?.
Friend: Something tells me Hank knows what I'm talking about.
Friend: I'm posting her now.
Me: I'm off to go make coffee. First game today is in 60 minutes.
Friend: Insensitive bastard. See ya.

I checked with Hank later. She did know what he was talking about.


tinyhands said...

Please ask Hank to post a link. I couldn't find anything about it on Wikipedia.

Mike said...

No kidding. How does one even construct an empathy?