Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My brain is in a fog today.

I'm still sleeping like crap. The hot weather the last couple nights hasn't been helping. Naturally I turned to my old friend, the chillow. I plopped that baby down under my ass and immediately felt.... wet! Something had punctured my chillow! Blast.

The world is conspiring against my sleep. I know you're all in this against me. I SEE YOU OUT THERE!

The other night, while I lay fully awake in bed, I actually broke down and tried one of the suggestions that I've heard from so many people. I got out of bed and wrote down on a post it the thoughts that were occupying my brain. I wrote:
I am excited about my baseball software, but I'm also concerned that it doesn't work well enough.
I stared at the post-it. Seeing my concerns written down in chicken-scratch just made them all the more real. I felt more stressed. I followed up by writing down some ideas I had about making the program better. That helped a bit, probably calming me back down to where I was before I got out of bed.

Sleep is hard.

On a totally unrelated note, out of all the gifts I bought for Hank for her birthday last month, the one that she likes the most is the cast iron pan. As it turns out, they're damn good for cooking.

This surprises me. Out of all the cookware we have, the cast iron pan is the least technologically advanced. I find it hard to believe that our best cooking device is one that doesn't even have any buttons on it. All good things have buttons. I, for example, have a charming one smack in the middle of my belly.

My brain is in a fog.


Janelle Renee said...

And what happens when your button is pushed?

Mike said...

Lint squirts out.

You should never ask a question when you don't really want to hear the answer.

Sue said...

Have you tried the Valerian tea? C'mon...give it a try.

carey said...

Sometimes old-fashioned stuff is best; truly, a well-seasoned cast iron pan is one example. So, too, is the toaster, imo. You don't get the goofy striped toast that you do with the toaster oven.

Bummer about your chillow (that doesn't even sound like English.) Try melatonin or SAMe.

Mike said...

Alright, alright! This weekend I'm gonna go buy Valerian tea and some melatonin.

mox said...

It's rare that the whole "write stuff down that's bothering me" thing works for me, either. I gave up on that sort of sleep aid eons ago.

Self medication is the answer. I'm telling you.

newnorth said...

thinking is never the answer ;)

Mike said...

Mox, I believe you! Apparently I'm all signed up to try melatonin and Valerian tea.

Newnorth, it wasn't even an option.

Janelle Renee said...

Oh, but I did want to hear the answer, and a satisfying answer it was!