Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What font do I use to express how tired I am?

Lucida Grande? Because I'm grande tired? No. I'm not very lucid. I'm like venti lucid. Crap, is that more or less than grande?

Times? Because it's Time for bed? No, too early.

Webdings? Is this even readable?

Crap, now I don't remember what font I normally use. Stupid brain.

Anyway, I'm not tired for any interesting or funny reason. I just haven't been sleeping well. I keep waking up early and then.... well, then just being awake. It's really annoying.

I'll wake up at some point at night, lie there for a bit, and then reluctantly/hopefully look at the clock, praying that I've slept enough. I don't want to see a number starting with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. Bad bad numbers. Go 6!

Actually, yesterday I got up early on purpose. I had to drive down into the official corporate office to give a presentation to some guys who had flown all the way from India to take my job. So, I had to explain to them how to do my job.

I got up extra early because I had done a crappy job of preparing for the presentation the previous days, so I needed some extra time that morning. Why I felt compelled to actually do a good job of teaching these guys how to take my job, I'll never know. But, given that software developers in India work for a LOT less money than I do, I doubt this will be the last time that one of my gigs goes overseas.

Mostly I yapped at them about all the things I had done wrong on this software project over the years. It was more of a multi-hour apology than anything else. There's no reason to spend lots of time going over the code that's well-written, so I focused on everything I had done poorly . I could tell they were impressed.

Actually, it's hard to tell when someone from India is impressed. They're usually doing that back-and-forth head-shaking motion when you're talking to them. This is the motion that denotes "no" in this country, but apparently denotes "yes, I understand" in India. It was kind of a my-head-shaking-says-no, but-my-tremendous-politeness-pretends-to-respect-your-code type of day.

Spending over 2 hours commuting to the office each of those days reminded me how much I value working at home. I can't fathom how much crappier my life would be if I had to spend 2 hours driving each day. I'd have to give up VALUABLE things like this blog. Unimaginable for us all.

Ok, I'm going to go stumble around my house in a sleep-deprived daze for a bit now. See ya.


carey said...

Ariel is pretty much the laziest, tired, do-nothing font, imo.

Mike said...

But the mermaid was so energetic!

Tasty said...

No, it's not readable, btw.

Mike said...

Tasty, you've cracked my webdings code!

Tasty said...

I felt so A Christmas Story for doing it. But I had to see what you said.

Mike said...

Sorry it wasn't anything creative. Had I known I had cryptographers out there in the blogosphere....