Thursday, April 19, 2007

I went to my first baseball game of the year today.

The Giants suck pretty hard this season, but April is always filled with optimism (and showers), so a baseball game is a great place to be. Hank and I played hooky this afternoon and had a lovely time watching the Giants win a rare game.

I'm much more of a baseball fan than Hank, but she puts up with me pretty well. I know just enough about baseball to talk constantly about it, but not enough to actually have any insight. We had conversations like this:

Scene: Early in the game a St. Louis Cardinals hitter made a crappy little hit that dribbled near the pitcher. The Giants pitcher, Noah Lowry, rushed over, picked up the ball, and made a horrible throw to the 1st baseman. The 1st baseman was unable to catch the ball, allowing the batter to run to 2nd base, when he should have been out at first.

Me: The amusing thing about that play is that it won't count against as a earned run against Lowry. Since there was an error on the play, it's not an earned run, and thus doesn't count against the pitcher EVEN THOUGH it was the pitcher's error. *snort*
Hank: *smiling* Hmmm.
Me: When I say "amusing", obviously I mean amusing to me.
Hank: I know.

In other news our contractor poured the concrete slab down for the room we're adding to our house. Of course when I say "our contractor poured", I really mean, "illegal Mexican immigrants poured". They did a top notch job though. It looks so smooth, I even refrained from marring it by scrawling "OGBLAY WAS HERE" or "M + H 4EVER" in the cement. It's hard to justify vandalizing your own over-priced construction project.


newnorth said...

poor Hank!

Mike said...

Newnorth, you misspelled "lucky".

newnorth said...

wow! I didn't even get one letter right! :p

Mike said...

It's ok. I knew what you meant. :)