Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Diggity dang, things are getting busy around here.

Hank has been working around the clock on the fundraising auction for Daisy's school. The auction is this weekend, which means I get my wife back in a few days. She's been mumbling to herself at the laptop for days now. In fact, if I were to transcribe her last few sentences uttered in my presence they would be:

"Ok, ok, ok, CTRL-S....Catalog. Ok, let's do this... Go back.... *unintelligible mumble*"

That's not a hypothetical. Those are the words she said "to me" in the last 60 seconds. I think her pet name for me is "Catalog" and I think she wants to CTRL-S me. Mmmmmmm.

Meanwhile, I've been playing with my baseball predictatron 2000 program. One of my friends has grown weary of hearing me talk about my virtual riches, so he signed up with an online casino and has started making actual bets with real money using a modified version of my recommendations. After a couple dozen $5.00 bets, he has made a grand total of.... $4.00! He is a tad underwhelmed.

Of course I'm still bragging to Hank about my pretend bets. She constantly hears me saying things like, "You know, if instead of making imaginary $5.00 bets, I had been betting $3,000 per game, I would have earned $46,000 in the last 9 days!!"

To which she usually replies, "Font size is all wrong!"

And, finally, I had another PTA Board meeting tonight. Unfathomably, I signed up for another year of being Lord Secretary. I think I did it because I'm finally developing a level of competency at it. I sucked for so many months, it would be a shame to quit now. And tonight we finally reviewed the annual budget. I gotta say, if there's one thing that makes a PTA Board meeting more exciting, it's a line-by-line examination of the annual budget. We scrutinized that bastard like a team of proctologists at a J. Lo concert. (And THAT's why I don't do more similes).

So, that's what I've been up to. You?


Janelle Renee said...

Oh, this and that. Thanks for asking!

Mike said...

JR, I can't believe it took someone in Italy to finally respond to my question. Italians rock.