Sunday, September 17, 2006

Man, I've just been so weary the last week or two. Part of it is that I haven't been getting enough sleep. The other part, I think, is that I'm burned out on all the to-do items that clutter my day, like work, or brushing my teeth. I'm not one of those people who gets a lot of satisfaction out of being productive, or flossing.

Last weekend I was at the school picnic for Daisy's school last weekend, and I had the sinking feeling that I was supposed to be being helpful. As Lord Secretary of the PTA Board it's appropriate for me to assist at PTA events like school picnics. At one point, after a couple hours of picnicking, I saw one woman starting to clean up the food tables. so I figured I'd pitch in.

"Hey, how can I help clean up?" I asked heroically, mustering fake enthusiasm from deep down in the bowels of my spleen.

"Oh, it's not really time to clean up. I'm just trying to pre-clean."

Pre what? So, it's NOT time to do chores yet? And, yet, you're... This was baffling to me.

"But...." she continued, "if you really want to help out, come with me."

Doh! I realized at this point, that this woman wasn't even officially assigned to doing chores, she was just.... gah.... helpful. And now, I was helping her. She led me over to big stack of full garbage bags.

"Might as well throw these away," she said cheerfully, grabbing two of the big bags.

Since I outweighed her by a fair amount, I grabbed the remaining four bags and started to follow her down the path. After about 30 seconds, they got pretty heavy.

"The trash bins are a ways off!" she gleefully announced from ahead. I stopped momentarily to move one of the heavy bags from my left (mousing) hand to my right (phone dialing) hand, and at that moment she paused and looked back to check up on me.

"You can make two trips," she offered, eyeing my underdeveloped biceps.

I picked the four bags back up and trudged on after her. We eventually made it to the trash bins, that apparently she had scouted out ahead of time, and tossed the garbage bags into them in an orderly fashion. Afterwards, we walked briskly back to the picnic. She stopped about half a dozen times along the way, to pick up bits of litter and trash along the way. Each time she did it, I stared at her, dumbfounded. It's not that I disapprove of picking up random litter, or that I think I'm above it, but it just never occurs to me to start cleaning up the Earth. Have you seen this planet? It's HUGE!

She was just one of those people who gets things done. She finds opportunities to work. Me? I find cookies to eat. Mmmmmm, cookies.

Anyway, it's all just making me very tired. On the plus side, however, American males live to be around 75 on average, so I'm about half done with my chores.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I hate those worker bees, yes, that is what they are and it's always some queen bee they are working for and the queen bee usually gets all the credit. I,for one, was always the worker bee, not because I wanted to pick up the booths or go around and gather discarded cups and plates, but no one else ever seemed to see that it needed to be done and so I did it and was so happy when one day a real energetic worker bee joined the PTA and wow, I could eat cookies, munch on sandwiches, visit with friends, as she gathered and sorted and picked up and hauled off and kept everything so neat and nice. Now, you have met the worker bee, in the future, avoid her, she will suck you into her world and it's not pretty, plus, she just might be trying to train you to take her place, she might want to hang around the cookie table. Yeah, that's where the real fun takes place and she may have seen that and be trying to transform the party bee into the worker bee and why the euffinisms, sure I mispelled that, imagine that?

Mike said...

Zelda, the scary part is that I think almost all the other parents are worker bees. I'm some sort of slacker bee.

patsy said...

i could never be a worker bee. did you ever give any thought to these people who work at cleaning the earth on earth day?
People go along our highways and by ways picking up trash and having it piled in trash dumps where it will take longer to decay because of the bulk of it in one place. also because it is all in one place it causes more pollution to the water supply in that area. When they finish that they take a long shower in strong soap to clean them selves and retire on the couch drinking pop from plastic bottles under their air conditions, telling them selves what a fine job they have done.oh, i forgot to mention they changed the baby's diaper and sent it to the dump with the potato chip bag they ate while resting.

Mike said...

Hi Patsy, I won't pretend to have any knowledge on environmental processes at play in a trash dump, but you are absolutely the first person I've ever heard who advocates littering.

patsy said...

i don't advocate littering but i also think that all these will meaning people who are going to clean the earth don't have a clue. maybe if you really wont to clean the earth sterilezation should be forced.

Mike said...

Patsy, I think the goal of cleaning up the Earth would be to make it a better place for things to live, including us. Thankfully it's not my goal here to convince you that trash should not be evenly spread out across the earth's surface.

patsy said...

oh well i really don't know much just spouting off cause have nothing better to do. i don't know what could be done about the earth and the mess it is in. i have my trash picked up at the curb every thrusday and hauled off to a dump some where. don't know where. i have heard they take it to another state. maybe they dump it in your area.

Mike said...

Patsy, only metaphorically. ;)