Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Back when we had a nanny for Daisy, we had crafted a form for the nanny to fill out each day to give us some information about how Daisy was doing. Mostly we just wanted to know if she had napped much or pooped much so we could be on the lookout for super-cranky baby, super-poopy baby, or the dreaded super cranky poopy baby.

Now the shoe is on the other foot. Daisy has requested that I fill out a similar form during my daytime "watching" of her Tamagotchi, "Tommy". She'd like to know how many times Tommy electronically pooped, how many pixel-meals he ate, and how many virtual time-outs I gave the little bastard. You see, I'm in charge of taking care of Tommy while Daisy is in day camp.

Let me tell you how much joy this brings me. Negative one million. That's how much.

Daisy loves the little monster though. As soon as she woke up the morning after Tommy was "born", she cooed at the crappy 16x16 pixel image of him sleeping and excitedly announced, "Tommy slept through the night!". Having heard many times our tales of poor-sleeping babies, Daisy was immensely appreciative of Tommy's virtual accomplishment.

I promptly took lousy care of him the first day. I was unaware that the empty Hearts on the "Hunger" meter meant that he was famished. Consequently, I accidentally starved the bastard for the first 20 hours of his life. I couldn't understand why he was incessantly beeping at me and I punished him with a flurry of time-out presses.

Apparently if you raise them poorly they become ugly instead of cute. Now, our little bastard is fairly hideous, but Daisy still loves him. Meanwhile, my finger is poised over the Reset button in case he becomes any more annoying or unattractive. That's one advantage he has over a "real" child.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Negative two million, probably.


The Tart said...

What does Tommy look like?

The Tart
; )

Velvet Sacks said...

This is the stuff of which sitcoms are made. It would be funny to watch a bumbling TV dad in a similar situation. In fact, it's cracking me up to think of YOU being in this situation. ;-)

Mike said...

Hey Tart, I'd post a picture if I could find a good one online, but apparently Tamagotchis are shy creatures. He's black, and star-shaped, and has kind of a surly expression.

VS, I'm glad SOMEONE is enjoying this.

Janelle Renee said...

Hey! I'm enjoying this, too.

I've put off posting a comment for fear of the dreadful 4-letter word escaping my finger tips.

Don't... know... how... much... longer... I... can... resist!



Mike said...

JR, your restraint is admirable.

Miss Misse said...

You do know of course that you can pause the thing right? You can pause it for as long as you want and when unpaused it will be as happy and full as it was before it was paused. I know this from the experience I had much like yours where the thing was driving me insane while Kade was at school. Until another helpful parent showed me how to pause. A very nice function!

Mike said...

Miss Misse, yes! That bastard is on Pause right now. My sister and her kids came over last weekend and laughed at me when I told them that I'd been taking care of the damn thing while Daisy was at school. They showed me the Pause mode.

That's why I haven't been griping about Tommy for the last few days. :)

Thank you though!