Sunday, April 30, 2006

Whooooeeee, that was a busy weekend. What can I say? I'll say this.

Back when I had jury duty, I lunched in a hipster-filled neighborhood of San Francisco called Hayes Valley. On Day One, after eating my RDA of hipster lunch food, I strolled past a restaurant/bakery called Citizen Cake. A voice inside my head commanded me to go inside and peruse their desserts. Being a faithful citizen of Americake, I obeyed the voice.

Many desserts appealed, but only one of them appeared to be the source of the voice in my head. It was a chocolate cake. No, that's not fair to say. Let's try again. It was the chocolate cake.

Something about the way it was frosted, and it's slightly eccentric shape indicated that this was a very special cake. Sure enough, the description had all the necessary buzzwords on it, like:
  • Scharffen Berger
  • Chocolate ganache
  • Chocolate shards
  • Diabetes
  • Web 2.0
This was the cake for me. Unfortunately, I couldn't very well eat an entire cake on a full stomach in the remaining 10 minutes of my lunch hour. Nor could I bring a cake box into the courtroom without being forced to share. I placated myself with a chocolate chip cookie and vowed to return.

The same thing happened on Day Two of jury duty. Once again, the cake called to me and I admired its dense chocolate aura. Once again I appeased myself with a chocolate chip cookie and swore that one day the cake would be mine.

Over the next several weeks I came up with several plans that would place a member of my family in Hayes Valley. I would practice saying, "Oh, maybe we could pick up a cake at that Citizen place?" without letting my voice crack with excitement and desire. All my plans fell through. No one understood. I was the only one who could hear the cake calling.

Yesterday, it happened. Daisy was off at her grandmother's house for a sleepover, so the wife and I descended upon Hipsters Valley for dinner. We had a lovely dinner including a dessert that was essentially a melted bowl of Scharffen Berger chocolate with cream (ohhhhhhhhhhhhh). Afterwards, I casually demanded that we take a look at the cakes at Citizen Cake.

The wife agreed and upon seeing the cake for the first time, immediately recognized that it was a special cake. "It never hurts to have an extra cake in the fridge!" I squeaked.

So, we bought it, and mmmmmmmm. Is it the very best chocolate cake in the world? I couldn't say for sure, but it's damn freakin' good and I don't know of many other cakes that can talk. I'm off to have a piece now. It'll be my third dessert today.

I hope your weekend was good too.

(ps. I couldn't find a good picture of the cake on the web. Here's the best one.)


tinyhands said...

You had me at "voice inside my head."

Janelle Renee said...

I love Citizen Cake!

Mike said...

Tiny, *blush*.

jr, mmmm, I'm eating a piece right now.

nrd2 said...

oh my god, can we celebrate birthday year in june??

zelda1 said...

Oh my god, chocolate cake. Yummy. Now see, I could bypass the cake, it's the pies, oh the pies. They call me. My favorite, besides my own, the caramel, chocolate, pecan, cream cheese pie with ice cream topping. Heart attack on a plate. Yep, that's it. I justify eating it by reminding myself that it is a once in a long while dessert and it has at least three of the major food groups. Maybe all them. Okay there are no vegetables but I'm sure there is corn syrup. Hey, that's sorta a vegetable byproduct.

The Tart said...

The Hershey chocolate bar I ate yesterday just does not stand up to the cake. *sigh*

Lucky U & Hank!

The Tart

Mike said...

nrd2, sorry, only one birthday month per year. (Hi nrd2!)

Zelda1, pies are ok, but the ratio of chocolate to non-chocolate is too low, and chocolate pies are always disappointing.

Jocelyn, I'm not a snob about many things, but I broke ranks with Hershey years ago, back when I got on the dark chocolate bus.

Leesa said...

I want some! You think they ship to Montana??

The Tart said...

But, Hershey's Kisses R not to be missed "in bed!"

AND there is nothing faux about that!

The Tart
; )

kan said...

Dark chocolate bus? Not gonna touch that.

Makes me turn green.

Mike said...

Leesa, they do ship, but not the cake. :(

Jocelyn and JNP, between your "Hershey's Kisses in bed" and the "chocolate bus" comments, I'm just not capable of a suitably witty reply.