Friday, April 21, 2006

I reserve the right to delete this post at some point in the near or far future. That date will probably come when my daughter's web surfing and reading skills improve significantly to the point where she might decide to sit down and read her ol' poppy's blog.

That being said, let me start with another disclaimer. Daisy is a smart and capable child. She does some mighty impressive things for a six year old. She reads above her level, has a solid grasp of many mathematical concepts, and can do a slew of music-related activities far better than her old man. What she doesn't do particularly well is draw.

Let us mock.

One of her current school assigments is to do a book report on a biography of Rosa Parks. Part of that effort includes creating a Rosa Parks poster. Here is Daisy's poster. I have entitled it, "Apparently, Rosa Is Still Angry"

Here's what amuses me about the picture:
  1. Is Rosa in...could that be...I think Rosa Parks is wearing blackface.
  2. What's with the raccoon eyes?
  3. Well, if she's not wearing blackface, then she's clearly sporting a tiki mask of some sort.
  4. She appears to be doing an acrobatic tribal dance.
  5. So so very angry.
It's like Daisy somehow took almost all the black stereotype images and crafted her own racist SUPER picture. If she had stuck a piece of fried chicken in one of Rosa's hands and a hunk of watermelon in the other, Daisy probably would have secured an expulsion from her nice San Francisco school.

Rosa, you have my deepest apologies.


Will said...

People are always hard to draw... Not to disagree about you taking this post down, though.

Velvet Sacks said...

Daisy's drawing and your observations of it cracked me up. And you gave me courage. I'll meet your stereotypes and raise you one...on my own blog.

Mike said...

Will, you are a kind man.

Velvet sacks, touche! And crazy moniker to boot!

zelda1 said...

How sweet and while you see a somewhat different picture, I'm sure the baby sees an exact replica. When I was six, we had to draw pictures of Uncle Sam, and I always butchered Sam up, to the point where all the other kids laughed. Now, I doodle, but somewhere I lost my point. Ohhh, at least she isn't painting pictures of vampire with huge blooddripping teeth or a wherewolf or bone sucking demon; those were the pictures my older grandson painted. I might be to blame, since those were the bed time stories I told him and we were both addicted to Buffy.

The Tart said...

Oh Mike I am gonna tread lightly here, but now U enter my world of ART. Hmmmm, so it begins:

I bet U think all ART must look like something. Well, ya know that ain't true. Miss Daisy doesn't need her art to look like an exact anything, right? (Hope you said right!)

Anywhoooo. Note to Miss Daisy in the future.... add chocolate chips to your paint tools and/or glue them to your canvas! Trust me your dad will be putty fm here on out & buy U that car!

Big future smooch,
The Tart
; )

Climbing off ART soapbox! ; )

Pssssssssst. Cuppa Pop, time to run over to the museum for some pop culture. ; )

Mike said...

Zelda, yes Daisy loves her picture since at the tender age of six, she doesn't realize that she has a made a near Sambo-esque image.

Jocelyn, I can assure that I don't require art to look like anything in particular. I can also assure you that Daisy was, for the most part, trying to copy an image of Rosa from her book.

I'm all for the chocolate chip idea (surprise surprise), but it won't get her a car in this mass-transit friendly city.

Janelle Renee said...


Good thing Rosa is dead, because this picture would've surely did her in.

Tell Daisy I recommend she NOT quit her day job.

You know, I wanted kids. But if THIS is what comes out of the mouths (hands) of babes, I want NO part of it! (Thanks a lot, Mike. Thanks a lot. Now I have to make new plans.)

Mike said...

jr, after I get Daisy a day job, I'll inform her not to quit it. Meanwhile, I'm eager to see what her teacher says about her picture.

Janelle Renee said...

As you can see, I got in late tonight. I came to your blog to see if you've added any more witticisms to your comment section since earlier today...


when I saw dear little Daisy's picture again.

It is truly the most frightful thing I have seen since... well, forever.

Please, Mike, take it down. I'm going to have serious nightmares. I'm sending you my next shrink bill. Seriously.

Mike said...

jr, enough about me and my silly blog. What kept you out so late?

Janelle Renee said...

The city.

Joy Eliz said...

Oh....I can't stop laughing...and I know I shouldn't...
All I can say is if someone drew a pic of me and it turned out along the lines of Rosas I'd cherish it above all others. But that's just me:)

Mike said...

Joy, careful what you ask for. I could commission Daisy to do a drawing of your profile pic.

kazumi said...

Hi Mike,
I agree with Joy. This picture had me in hysterics. I love it. I hope my son will produce such cute, totally un-PC things like that in the future. If you ever want to dispose of it, please contact me.

Mike said...

Kazumi, I'll let you know if we auction it off.