Monday, April 17, 2006

The Boston Marathon was run today and I wasn't in it.


In general, I'm pretty happy with my decision to quit running marathons. It's not like I was going to win one of them, but on days like today I'm a little disappointed. It would have been nice if everyone else had quit too. Is that so much to ask?

Meanwhile, I'm also a little miffed about these grey hairs of mine. It's not that I begrudge their existence. At this point in my life, I fully expect to see them popping up in various places on my head. That's ok with me. What disturbs me is how defiantly they stick out.

I don't mean that their presence is jarring or especially visible against my silky black locks. I mean that they literally stick out. For the most part, my hair is straight, but these little grey bastards can be wavy, occasionally bordering on curly.

They're like pubic hairs. Grey pubes on my head. Combined with my occasional acne, it's like I'm entering old-man puberty. I can't wait to see what starts happening with my penis!


zelda1 said...

Those pesky grey hairs, how well I remember my first crop. You're right, they are wiry and just go whereever, that's why you can't really do anything with them. Yes, when men and women hit a certain age, they start going in reverse, or so it seems. The hair color changes, usually lighter, which is so different from growing up and your hair darkens; then there's the skin problems, yep, just like being a teen; then there's the voice change, oh that's sweet you think, yep, it happens; then there's the feeling off balance, sorta like a toddler; then there's whizzing inappropriately, wow that sucks; then there's not being able to sleep at night but during the day; the burping that needs to occur or you get all colicky; and then there's total loss of events, well, that comes much later, like around 60 something, or so I've been told. So growing old, well it's coming to an almost complete circle, without the young skin. But it doesn't have to be this way, get hair color, acne cream, the pill to fix the whizzing problem, the sleeping pill, well, there are a lot of pills you can take to correct the problems or at least partially fix them. So for all those young people who think they will grow old gracefully, HA THE JOKES ON YOU, THAT'S A NOT-GOING-TO-HAPPEN KIND OF DEAL.

Janelle Renee said...

Thanks a lot! I was all set to write about my grey hairs until I got to the words "pubic" and "penis".

Ewww! You make me feel like a 4th grader. (You have cooties, BTW.)

Mike said...

Zelda, ahhh, what a beautiful picture you paint.

Oh, jr, don't you know that I'm rubber and you're glue? Whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!

Tasty said...

Old Man Puberty! HAHAHA!

Mike said...

Sure, laugh it up, Tasty.